Veronica V. Garcia


Education, Training and Certifications

Experience with Group Exercise:

Since 2009, adding group fitness classes to her own dance studio, being one of the first studios in the fad of dance-fitness classes. She then expanded to teaching zumba, pilates, cycle, bootcamp, sculpting and barre at both large commercial gyms and various tech companies in Northern California.

Experience with Personal Training:


Since 2013, working with C-level executive clients inside Tech companies and with your average Joe’s in commercial gyms. Plus, expanding to Seniors and special populations. Her personal training experience includes training and managing this department.

Experience with Public Schools:

Since 2013, teaching kids elementary through highschool level as a teaching artist and developing curriculums in dance. Meeting the criteria of the California Standards for dance. She has worked with the School of Arts and Culture, Summit Public Schools, Starting Arts among other non-profit charter schools and organizations.


Experience with Quinceañeras:

Since 2008, with private clients varying in event size and incorporating them into her dance studio. She has also trained Cotilions, Sweet Sixteens, Weddings and Custom Birthday events. As a vendor for some of the biggest Expos in the industry she has built strong ties in this market and has worked closely with various magazines that cater to Quinceañeras. Her strong understanding of this market and realization of a need for change led her to develop “La Quinceañera Dance Program”™ and currently teaches clients using her program only.

Experience with Recreation:


Since 2006, working with the youth in recreational programming and child development. Then expanding into recreational dance programming as a vendor with multiple community centers. This includes Parent and Me, preschool aged, school age and teen recreation classes and camps. Her understanding of recreational dance classes comes originally from understanding the system as an office and recreational leader (employee) for the City Recreation department. Experience with

Experience with at Risk Youth:

Since 2007, teaching recreational classes at community centers serving at risk-youth in low income neighborhoods and working with various organizations that serve at risk-youth.


Experience with Seniors:

Since 2010, opening her dance studio to Silver Sneakers. Managed a personal training department that had a strong senior population and managed the fitness training and classes of a senior community center in “all levels of care.” She currently teaches her own created program at Senior Communities.

Experience with Special Needs:

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Since 2009, developing special needs mobile programs at adult day schools; working with private clients and special needs children. Partnering up with special need advocate organizations to help increase awareness and resources. She currently teaches “Moves Made 4 Me”™ in all her partnerships.