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Meet Veronica

Veronica Vasquez Garcia, the CEO of DanceMindsLLC™, is an entrepreneur, dance teacher and fitness professional. She can step into any classroom and immediately capture her audience’s attention. Her biggest asset is in creating recreational dance programs and curriculum where none exist. She loves teaching people and believes dance is a tool for personal development; this is the fundamental for all her programs.

Veronica’s dance training began at age 3, she would put on dance and exercise videos at home and would work on perfecting the moves. This was her playtime and escape. Pursuing dance and fitness was a challenge for her due to her severe allergies and asthma. Her condition affected her development as she was hospitalized numerous times throughout her childhood. Not being able to move freely made her want to learn to express herself and challenge her body even more. 

Every opportunity she found to learn about movement she would take. By the age of 14, Veronica was trained in a variety of dance styles; being in competitions at dance studios, school productions, mega church performances and cheer competitions. By age 17, Veronica was teaching dance and fitness through multiple city recreational departments. Her training with the City of San Jose included working in various community programs, child development and libraries. At CSU East Bay she had the honor of being in the Dance Ensemble Company starting as a Freshman.

 Her experiences made her realize that her unique perspective was leading her development of unique program ideas that impact the lives of at risk youth. To see her vision come true, Veronica found it necessary to open up her own dance studio at the age of 19. The unique programs brought immediate studio growth. Her unique class setup for quinceañeras, special needs, toddlers and adults had a lasting impact on her students. Running a traditional dance studio was not her passion, after five years, she was brave enough to step away.

 She has continued to teach, manage and develop dance and fitness programs for various organizations and companies. She holds numerous certifications and is what you call a “hybrid” in the world of fitness. Veronica has a charming outgoing son with a unique perspective; her journey as a parent of a child with autism has been the turning point for her to realize that her programs have to be put in the hands of dance educators for the benefit of generations to come. This is why she created the following life skills infused programs, Moves Made 4 Me® inclusive for kids with special needs, La Quinceanera Dance Program™ the original dance program for Quinceañeras, DanceMinds®, fun for kids and profitable for studios. You can check out DanceMinds™LLC and JMM Dance Co. 501c3 on their websites for more information.



Meet Raymond

Operations Officer of DanceMinds LLC and President of JMM Dance Co. is known for his balanced business acumen. He holds a B.S. in Business Management from San Jose State, double minor in computer information systems and early childhood mental health, plus a certification with CTEC tax preparation.

By having a well rounded personality and diverse work experience he is able to relate to almost anyone. His empathy for others is what sets him apart in the office world.

His past roles include Sales Manager, Children and Teens Dance Studio Director, Clinical Scheduler for multiple regions and County Case Manager Welfare Specialist.

 Ray has overcome financial adversity, he was the first person in his family to graduate from college and debt free!

 As a compassionate father of a child with special needs he realized that his assets are best served developing companies and organizations that uplift others and yield positive community benefits. Raymond is super excited about partnering with his wife in the development of this start up DanceMindsLLC™.


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