We create dance experiences for untapped markets. Currently we are expanding our outreach to different populations and ages through the use of our unique programs.

  1. Dancing Together™ (Parent Participation) Ages 12- 24mon. Length 30min

    Young children and their parents learn to dance together while sharing their perception of movement, music and self-expression through the guidance of an instructor. Parents and children are given mindful dance exercises and expected to creatively work together through the movement. It’s a great opportunity for parents and kids to learn the basics of dance through each other’s lenses, plus a coloring section is embedded in class.

  2. Princess Pre-Ballet™ Ages 3-5 Length 45min

    Young girls have the opportunity to walk in to a world of imagination and ballet education through the perspective of a princess. In our nurturing environment girls learn: ballet vocabulary, space awareness and performance skills, while introduced to complex mind-body coordination skills. They leave class feeling like a confident princess! Fun props are used, girls receive a princess worksheet and a sticker at the end of every class meeting, plus the class culminates with a performance ceremony.

  3. Jr. Hip Hop Tumble™ Ages 4-6 or 7-12 Length 45min Kids will learn the culture of hip hop in a fun and mindful environment. Elements of pop-lock, isolation’s, tumbling and basic break dance will be introduced. We will foster kids creativity and build skills in memorization, teamwork, communication, body awareness and strength. Kids will leave class feeling more confident and like hip hop pros! Fun props are used, kids receive a hip-hop worksheet and a sticker at the end of every class meeting, plus the class culminates with a performance ceremony.

  4. Dancers Combo™ Ages 6-10 Length 45min

    This class is perfect for kids who want to experience the best of many dance worlds! We will introduce kids to ballet, tap, creative and musical theater dances. Through the use of fun and mindful exercises we teach the fundamentals of technique, dance combinations, body styling and self-expression. Kids will leave feeling like confident superstars! There will be an in class performance held on the last day of class.

  5. Teens Jump In 2 Dance™Ages 13-17 Length 45 min

    This class is made for teens who want to get introduced to a variety of dance styles. We jump in to Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tumble and Modern dance using mindful tactics and education in movement fundamentals. We will explore partner work, learn dance combinations and elements of building choreography. Teens will leave class feeling more confident and ready to participate in higher level dance activities in the community. The class culminates with a beautiful in class performance and ceremony!

  6. MOVES MADE 4 ME™- please refer to our website for more information.

    1. Exploratory Moves™

    2. Sensory Moves™

    3. Fantasy Moves™

    4. Expressive Moves™

    5. Mindful Moves™

    6. Lifeskills Moves™

  7. La Quinceañera Dance Program™- please refer to our website for more information.

    Quinceañera dance traditions that create timeless memories!