Dance Studio vs Recreation Center Dance Classes

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

Recreational dance is growing in the U.S.

Many more parents are taking their kids to participate in dance for fun. Why? Because there are too many enrichment activities out there and they want to assure their child is enriched by many during the school year. 

Lets compare Dance Studio Classes vs. Recreational Center Dance Classes.

A beginning level dance class at a dance studio:

  • Full year’s length (10 months)

  • This model allows a child to learn discipline and requires a parent to a commitment to a school year length.
  • A large end of year recital with a large financial commitment

  • Dance skill education with the focus to level up in dance technique

  • Made primarily for those aspiring to obtain professional level dance status

  • Purpose of the business is to train in the art of dance education

A dance class at a recreational center:

  • 8-12 week sessions, the same class runs multiple sessions throughout the year.

  • Dance as an enrichment activity focused on child development.

  • A fun dance experience.

  • This rotation allows for a child to rotate throughout seasonal activities all in one place.

  • Not focused on dance training to level up, but instead for the enrichment and development.

  • Mini-performances

Now that you see the differences played out, you can see which setting works best for you as an educator, studio owner and or parent.

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