The Benefits of Thematic Based Learning in Dance

What is theme-based learning? It’s using a theme to catch the learners' attention. Your teaching material would revolve around the theme.

Do you know that young children learn best through thematic based learning?
Thematic learning makes the information more relevant to young students. Learning to teach with a theme can greatly improve your student retention in any class including dance classes.

Here are the benefits of theme-based learning:

  1. It’s more fun to teach and learn using a theme.

  2. It harnesses curiosity to motivate learning.

  3. Educators transition to being facilitators of learning.

  4. It teaches children to learn with context.

  5. It draws in the child’s family.

Wait, there is a time-consuming preparation to do this right, but no worries. All you need to do is purchase a good theme-based curriculum for your classes. 

So, for those who want to take their early childhood dance classes to the next level,... Check out our DanceMinds® Princess Pre-Ballet Curriculum and/ or Jr. Hip Hop Tumble Curriculum. These thematic based curriculums are created to teach kids ages 2-4 and up to 7, ballet and hip hop through the use of fun themes. The best part is it's completely plug-n-play and done for you, so YOU may focus on providing a great class experience! To purchase our curriculum or some class resources, click on this link.

By Veronica Vasquez-DanceMinds®



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