5 Phrases to Inspire Independent Thinking

Young children are very curious and they will easily adapt to the expectations adults put on them. It is important to teach kids how to go through a process, fail and think about solutions at a young age. Yes, dance class is a setting to do this.

Personally, I believe in building up independent thinkers. In my classes, I act as a facilitator of learning and use phrases that promote confidence, curiosity, and creativity. This allows kids to take independent actions and encourages ongoing dialogue. My programs and lesson plans are strategically set up to help encourage kids to be independent thinkers.

This means kids are free to explore movement throughout the class while the consistent structure is provided to give a directed flow. The students and I look like we are playing on the outside, but in fact, we are learning. Kids follow directions, they learn how to regulate and bring themselves back on track, they engage in the materials, ask curious questions and start to pay attention to detail.

Here are 5 phrases to give you some tip, a preview of my class lesson plans, and programs. If this interests you and you would like to learn more, go to our site for resources, class materials, and upcoming training.


By Veronica Vasquez-DanceMinds®


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