Hi there Educators,

I want to talk to you about the importance of being prepared, teaching a theme based class for small children and the mentality behind DanceMinds™ Princess Pre-Ballet class.


Lets talk class preparation. So, you put your class description out there and then what?

Do you give the same class theme to different teachers and tell them to teach their own style? Truth is unless you are paying for prep time the teachers will not be motivated to prep for classes and your classes will end up looking very different with kids and parents falling in love with the teacher rather than the program. Why? Because there is no program.

I have been teaching dance to small children for about 15 years and I have seen time and time again dance teachers drilling moves to kids, getting too focused on the perfection of the choreography and having no actual progression to their classes. Be prepared use a curriculum!

What is theme based learning? It’s using a theme to catch the learners attention and your teaching material revolves around the theme. Thematic Unit learning makes the information more relevant to young students.

Here are the benefits of theme base learning:

  1. It’s more fun to teach and learn using a theme.

  2. It harnesses curiosity to motivate learning.

  3. Educators transition to being facilitators of learning.

  4. It teaches children how to learn.

  5. It draws in the child’s family.

Let’s talk DanceMinds™ Mentality. The program is plug n play, their is a mindset behind the materials, we use thematic unit learning approach, this system is really what sets the teacher teaching our courses apart. It’s made to look easy to follow, play based and child development focused. We facilitate the learning for the kids to learn whatever it is they are going to learn from the same material presented.

So, for those who want to take their teaching to another level that speaks to the young kids in your class and their parents, plus adds uniformity across all teachers in your business you should definitely purchase our course.

Currently the first 100 to purchase will receive a FREE 45 minute strategy session with me, Veronica, the creator of the course. This will be super helpful for you.