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DanceMinds ® provides our PLUG N PLAY tools and training to BOOST your business revenue up to 40%. Take advantage of the recreation explosion and GROW your dance, recreation or child development business.

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Follow your passion today and live everyday doing what you love! 

According to data from PayScale, the average income for a small dance studio owner in the United States is $73,000 – however this can range up to $182,000 or more, we will help get you there!  

Offer dance classes for kids and adults with special needs.

Become a member. Parents, educators and therapists receive the training, tailored materials, lesson plans and music to truly make your classes inclusive or to use for individual instruction too! You save the cost of losing students due to poor instruction and you save time by not making your own materials. It's for those  who learn non-traditionally! 

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Offer a Quincea├▒era choreography program.

Sign up for DanceMinds® Quinceañera choreography business blueprint to get access to all the tricks, tips and proven methods that successful Quinceañera choreographers use to be on top of the competition in this industry. 

Why, learn from your mistakes,... instead get a model that works and become profitable in just weeks.

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Offer a recreational dance program.

Sign up for DanceMinds® 12 week blueprint. It is sure to get your new clients loving dance! Receive the training to successfully run your own recreational program or grow a recreational dance program within your business.

This model works in community centers, dance studios, after school programs, and just about anywhere.

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DanceMinds,LLC™, is the solution for training and class materials for “all” movement recreational programs in your business. You can choose from one or many of our programs. Each product is a plug-n-play system for funneling new and recreational based students from specific demographics. We provide strategic systems, built in consulting, training, and consistency across your studio.

REASON 1 We provide training that has background and theory from other professions besides dance.

REASON 2 We offer training in specialized enrichment and recreation dance programs.

REASON 3 Our training formats are costumed to meet the needs of different professionals in various fields.

REASON 4 Start the training process, receive all the program materials and prepare for launching.

REASON 5 Membership perks begin to kick in.

Instant Teaching Materials

Hey teachers, DanceMinds® has lesson plans, worksheets and coloring sheets available for two super popular classes BALLET AND HIP HOP. Go here to purchase these great teacher materials A LA CARTE. For a complete course go HERE.

Workshops & Events for Organizations and Small Businesses.

Are you looking for LIVE training for your staff on youth programming. Maybe you want to add a dance program, but need staff training? DanceMinds® provides hosting opportunities and/ or custom training too. 

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